Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Everything Dances

Our World is ever suicidal
Crossing Space
Between the devil
And the deep blue sea
Celebrating the feline sense
Of ones round-shouldered
Receiving Eucharistic
To kill with utmost care
The Universe of human beings
Of life and living
A part of the great mystery
Removing its religious habit
Their faces within
Cannibals gilt and by a blue
Streams of its own:
The Blood is reconciled
With corpses
Streaking across the Oil.
Look the Sky of Blood
In the body of Irak
Filling the unfrocked gutters
With the assassination silence.
Our World is a Planet
Of radiant Christ abortion
Integrated with a cynicism
Toward all statement or “truth”:
Our male bosses
Look daggers at and get rusty
With their arseholes
To out run us.
Our World is ever suicidal
Its order is:
These streets becoming indignity.


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